Fuchs Amigurumi Häkelanleitung


Mit dieser Anleitung kann man dieser niedliche Fuchs machen!

Die Anleitung enthält viele Fotos und detaillierte Erklärungen.
Es handelt sich um ein PDF Format und kann sofort nach dem Kauf heruntergeladen werden.

Du erhältst automatisch alle Sprachen, einschließlich Deutsch.

Dies ist eine PDF Häkelanleitung! Es handelt sich nicht um das fertige Plüschtier!


Mit dieser Anleitung kann man dieser niedliche Fuchs machen!

Die Anleitung enthält viele Fotos und detaillierte Erklärungen.
Es handelt sich um ein PDF Format und kann sofort nach dem Kauf heruntergeladen werden.

Die Anleitung ist erhältlich in:
– Deutsch
– Französisch
– Englisch
– Niederländisch
– Portugiesisch
– Spanisch
– Dänisch.
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Der abgebildete Fuchs wurde mit Stylecraft Special DK Wolle und einer 2.75 mm (Größe C) Häkelnadel gemacht und ist 25 cm groß (ungefähr 9.8 inches).

Es kommen folgende Häkelstiche zum Einsatz:
Feste Maschen, abnehmen und verdoppeln der Maschen

Die folgenden Methoden werden angewandt:
In Runden/im Kreis häkeln, mit dem magischen Ring beginnen, Luftmaschen häkeln, zwei Runden in eine häkeln, Farbwechsel

Danke für’s Reinschauen und hab einen schönen Tag!

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35 Bewertungen für Fuchs Amigurumi Häkelanleitung

  1. Monica Sheffield

    Super excited to make this guy, the pattern looks amazing!

  2. Kelli Goldsberry

    Easy to follow instructions and turned out great!

  3. Alexis Godeke

    Pattern was easy to follow and the pictures were really good. Thank you!!

  4. Alison Woodford

    Easy to follow pattern and very pleased with the result.

  5. Jessica Smith

    Awesome pattern with easy to follow instructions and photos. Thanks so much! Will use this shop again 🙂

  6. Scarletxo

    Fantastic pattern! Really enjoyed making Mr Fox 🙂

  7. Kristy Bennetts

    I love these patterns and hope to buy more.

  8. Issi P

    Gorgeous pattern. Easy to follow.

  9. Debra Rumpza

    I adore these patterns! I’m having a blast making them. Very clear directions, very accurate.

  10. amanda dorey

    Good pattern and turned out super cute!

  11. Cherene Hamilton

    Really great pattern and super easy to read and work from!

  12. Tess O’Driscoll

    Great Pattern! Easy to follow!

  13. Tanja

    Lovely pattern, very easy to follow. Enjoyed a lot crocheting this!

  14. Missy Kay

    The pattern was easy to understand and the end result looks amazing.

  15. Nina Ashworth

    Lovely, clear pattern. 5 stars.

  16. Amber Mason

    Easy pattern to follow, loved the results

  17. felicitychristian

    This PDF was fabulous. A bit of a challenge but such a cool pattern and happy to say mine looks basically the same. It’s so nice when that happens. Thank you

  18. patricia dixon

    Fun to make and wonderful pattern instructions!

  19. Sara Wilder

    Easy to follow pattern, thanks!

  20. Sera Paton

    Super cute. Easy to follow instructions. Is a favourite of mine

  21. Isabelle de Haan

    Clearly written pattern with lots of pictures that make it easy to follow! Can’t wait to finish this little guy! Thank you for this great pattern 🙂

  22. Rebecca Smith

    loved how this came out, great pattern

  23. Maxine

    What a fab fox, am totally in love with this guy. A super easy to read pattern, thank you so much for sharing it!

  24. Kasey Lohnes

    this turned out so well! I almost don’t want to give it away

  25. andeecy

    Still only just made the head & using Aran weight yarn, but it’s coming together really nicely. Thank you!

  26. Ashleigh Hearne

    SO happy with this pattern, I have bought of you before and everytime your patterns are easy to follow with clear instructions

  27. Ami Livingston

    So cute! I love them!

  28. Pip Ferres

    A lovely pattern of one of my favourite animals. This will make a lovely toy for my Granddaughter

  29. Giovanna Bustos

    very well explained patterns. In different languages Quick answer to my doubts Recommended 100% Thank you very much, my son will be happy with their amigurumis

  30. pamela Arellano

    I got this pattern for my 11 year old granddaughter. This is her 3rd crochet project. She is almost done a week after getting it. And only asked 1 question! Amazing how well the pattern is written

  31. Thimblepins

    Another fabulous pattern by Little Bear Crochets. Perfectly written, detailed and photographed throughout. You just can’t go wrong with this. Brilliant!

  32. Charlotte Eagers

    Great pattern, really clear instructions. Enjoying making it! ???

  33. Louise Conway

    I absolutely loved making up this pattern. Easy and clear to follow.very cute design. Thank you x

  34. Colleen Cade

    Could this fat-bottomed guy be anymore adorable?! I am absolutely in love with all of Little Bear’s patterns!

  35. angie lester

    Great pattern! Will be buying many more

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